East Bay Foot and Ankle


We request basic information for our administrative records and to allow us to bill your insurance. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out the appropriate paperwork and bring in a list of your current medications and allergies. If it is necessary for the physician to see old operative records or x-rays, please bring them with you.

Basic Services

At your first visit you should expect to spend additional time for a thorough history and physical. Many problems can be resolved at that first visit, such as correction of ingrown nails, treatment of corns, calluses and warts. After obtaining the correct diagnosis, particular attention is made to providing immediate pain relief.

Surgical Services

Most conditions can be treated successfully with conservative methods. When these are insufficient, surgery may be required. Small surgeries will often be performed in the office but the majority are performed at San Leandro Surgery Center or San Leandro Hospital as an outpatient. The majority of surgeries can be performed under sedation with a local anesthetic block to numb the affected area. More significant surgeries may require general anesthesia or even a short hospital stay.

Wound Care

Treatment of acute and chronic wounds is a specialty of this clinic. Common wounds can be a result of trauma, diabetes, peripheral vascular disease or even severe corns and calluses. Treatment is initiated in the office and generally performed at home with or without home health care. Some wounds are severe enough to warrant treatment in the hospital or nursing facility. Studies have repeatedly shown that a multispecialty approach gives the best results in wound care. Dr. Ternus works in a wound care clinic as well as wound specialty hospitals with talented vascular surgeons, infectious disease specialists and primary care physicians. The latest high tech treatments are utilized for healing even the most difficult wounds.